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What Our Clients Are Saying...

"Before I even knew about physical therapy for urinary incontinence, I felt there was no hope for me. I had experienced three vaginal births, and it had really taken a toll on my body. I couldn’t go for a short walk in my neighborhood or pack in the groceries without totally stressing out from fear of peeing on myself. I was very skeptical about physical therapy and really thought this would not work for me. 
​I immediately connected with Kim.  She explained everything I needed to hear and was very knowledgeable. I saw immediate results from some very simple techniques she taught me so that I could sneeze without having to change my clothes.  I have now returned to hiking, running, and going on road trips without constantly having to go to the bathroom. My physical therapy experience with Dr. Kimberley Wilson has given me my life back!"


“After experiencing a cesarean birth with my first child, I desperately needed help for my body to heal. The scar on my abdomen was so pain that I couldn't stand ANYTHING touching it. My body felt weak, and I was convinced nothing would ever be the same as it was before.  All I can say is that I feel 100% better after working with Kim. She helped me to learn how to manage and treat my symptoms for a better quality of life. She listened carefully to MY concerns and explained everything in detail. I started to feel better after my second session."


"I struggled with upper back pain, which has gotten worse as a new mom from both the physical demands and the emotional stress that comes with it.  I was having difficulty sleeping, difficulty playing with my 1 year old son, and at one point could hardly focus at work as the pain traveled up to my neck and head.  I tried stretching, but the pain continued to get worse.  I struggled with the pain and limited movement for 2-3 months before seeking Kim's help, and I am amazed by how quickly I have been able to get back to carrying and play with my son, doing housework, and even lifting my patients at work.  I waited to get help because life is buy, and I didn't feel I had time to stop and care for myself, but I am so much more productive now that I can move again! I feel like myself again.  I loved how thorough she was and that she always provides me with stretches and strengthening exercise for homework to speed up my healing.  Unlike a chiropractor or massage therapist, PTs (Kim especially) see the whole body and are able to address multiple causes behind the pain, addressing them all, helping me prevent the same issues going forward."


"Kim at Inspire Physical Therapy was wonder and so easy to work with.  She was able to accommodate my particular needs, and she is so knowledgeable! I would recommend her to any new (or old) mom out there who is looking for help while trying to get their body back after having a baby or even if your are just trying to feel like your old self again!"


“Dr. Wilson was an invaluable resource throughout my postpartum journey. I was an avid runner prior to getting pregnant, and I continued to work out on a consistent basis before I gave birth to my first child.  I was sure that I soon as my 6-weeks recovery period was up, I would be able to get back into my exercise routine. Kim taught me how to pace myself, so that I could  build up my core strength appropriately and avoid injury. Most importantly, Kim is patient, kind, understanding, motivational, and helped me to keep my expectations realistic.  I highly recommend Dr. Wilson--she is truly a great physical therapist and health professional!"


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