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Mercier Therapy to Improve Fertility for Women

Updated: May 3, 2023

I wanted to talk a little bit about one of the services that we're now offering here at Inspire Physical Therapy. We have a program called Mercier Therapy, which is based around a deep kind of visceral manipulation that helps women if they're dealing with issues of fertility, which is a big issue in our society.

Too often, one of the first things that we do to address fertility issues is to offer women prescription medication, or even going so far as to do IVF as their first option. What I really want to provide information on is all of the steps that come between identifying fertility issues and proceeding with IVF.

Infertility is a big deal and choosing the appropriate option is just as important. Women who are wanting to be become a mother will do just about anything to increase her chances of a healthy pregnancy. That is admirable for certain, but if we're not careful, we'll jump the gun and opt for harsher methods and quite often it's very unsuccessful, which leaves mommy even more frustrated and not knowing quite what to do.

How is Mercier Therapy different?

The theory behind Mercier Therapy is that the organs that are involved in fertility and sometimes they can become stagnant and there's a lot of reasons that might be -- if there's scar tissue in the area, certainly, that would be a something that could contribute, but there can be a lot of reasons why things become congested in that area.

There are many stressors in our daily lives -- physical stressors, emotional stressors, all the things that might cause us to be tense or restricted in the abdominal cavity. The mind is very important as well. We are constantly being bombarded in our minds with all the things that are going on.

As women, a lot of times we take on a lot of responsibilities and we are great multitaskers We're sort of these caregivers by nature, right? So we have a hard time saying no. There's just lots of reasons that we might become sort of restricted in our download area. And that that can affect hormones, stress levels, cortisol -- it's sort of a cascade of things that might happen.

How does Mercier Therapy work?

If that's the case, then absolutely we can move in with Mercier Therapy. Mercier, specifically, is six hours of hands-on treatment. It's very deep work. The hands-on techniques start to talk to your central nervous system, which starts to wake up things that have just sort of been snoozing in the background and it encourages healthy blood flow and encourages healthy cycles.

We know that our menstrual cycles are our fifth vital sign and what tells us that everything is moving along as it should. That's very important for us women to keep our menstrual cycles healthy.

I wanted to introduce this wonderful service that we've started. I've seen so many good things happen with Mercier therapy, helping to restore cycles that have been missing for a while. We see that a lot with PCOS.

I'm just excited to be offering this and my practice, to help you take charge of your own body. There are more options out there for fertility than just IVF, so I encourage you to check out all the options. Mercier Therapy can also be a great adjunct if you do decide that you need some sort of assisted reproductive therapy like an IVF or something similar.

Mercier Therapy can help prepare your body for that difficult challenge that those kinds of interventions present to your body. I'm so thankful that we have those interventions like IVF, because it has allowed women to have babies that would not have otherwise been able to have a baby. I hope this helps to clarify or even open your mind up to maybe some more options that would encourage you to look into other interventions before pursuing IVF right away.

Where did Mercier Therapy come from?

Dr. Jennifer Mercier has a website that's called Shared Fertility Journey. Please check her out. She has a little movie that you can watch. That helps kind of explain how she developed this program a little bit about her own journey and it's certainly worth checking out.

Long story short, do your own research and if you have additional questions, please contact us here at Inspire Physical Therapy. We're located in Louisville, Kentucky. You can find more information about us here.

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