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DIY Guide to Making a Castor Oil Pack: Benefits and Uses

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

During this post, we are going to discuss how you can make your very own castor oil pack. Castor oil packs have been used for many years by various different cultures. Typically it’s used to reduce inflammation, whether that be arthritis, issues of fibroid tumors, ovarian cysts, etc.

How To Make A Castor Oil Pack

As a Mercier Therapist, I use castor oil packs to help my clients with issues of conceiving. It's a great way for them to continue their treatment at home and support the work we do in the clinic.

What is a DIY Castor Oil Pack?

castor oil

First, I am going to go over the things that you’ll need to make your castor oil pack.

DIY Castor Oil Pack:

  • Castor oil (I prefer the Palma Christi brand)

  • Organic cotton flannel (or cotton cloth, even paper towels)

  • Pyrex bowl with lid (or other storage container)

Instructions to Make Your Castor Oil Pack:

  • Place the flannel inside the Pyrex bowl

  • Pour castor oil onto flannel (be generous)

  • Use your hands to work the oil into the flannel

  • Once your flannel is saturated in the oil, you’re done!

  • Use immediately or store in a Pyrex container with a lid placed in the fridge.

Using Your Castor Oil Pack

woman relaxing

Now that you have made your DIY castor oil pack, you’re ready to use it. Next, I am going to walk you through what you need to get the best benefit out of using your castor oil pack, how long to use it, and how often.

Equipment Needed for Use:

  • Castor oil pad

  • Chux or puffy pad (to protect clothing and sheets)

  • A nice spot to lay down and relax (your bed is great)

  • Old clothes (in case you get oil on them)

  • Bolster (or towel roll - for under your knees)

  • Plastic wrap

  • Heating pad (don’t worry if you don’t have one!)


  • Pick a comfy spot to lay down

  • Place a bolster (or towel roll under your knees for comfort)

  • Roll or lift shirt up to expose stomach, ovaries, & uterus (focus for fertility, PCOS, scar tissue breakdown, and endometriosis)

  • Tuck chux or puffy pad into front of pants to protect clothing

  • Place castor oil pad on stomach

  • Use plastic wrap to secure the castor oil pack around your midsection

  • Apply the heating pad over the top of the plastic wrap onto your stomach

  • Lay with the castor oil pack in place for 30 minutes to 1 hour

  • Repeat 4-5 times per week

Benefits of Castor Oil

women with pelvic pain

Utilizing castor oil packs in this area of the ovaries and uterus has been shown beneficial for dissolving or getting rid of ovarian cysts often associated with PCOS. It’s also been shown to be good for breaking up internal scarring for women that have had surgical procedures resulting in abdominal scar tissue. With its anti-inflammatory properties, it helps to calm those areas of inflammation.

I’ve seen it help with the restoration of menses with someone who had lost their period. It can also help to restore the natural ebb and flow of things in regards to your cycle.

Looking for other ways to support your menstrual cycle? Check out my blog post here, where I take you through a series of gentle movements to do just that.

Taking Time for Yourself

a woman meditating

Believe me, I know blocking out 30 minutes to an hour of your day is a big commitment. But do it for you & the health benefits that you receive from it.

Take this time to relax and be a little bit introspective. Allow that mind-body connection to occur with your thoughts, giving some attention and love to those areas you are trying to target. You can also take this time to decompress and do some meditation or read a book, whatever you have to do to help make this time feel relaxing.

If you'd like to follow along with the video I created to show you how to make your DIY castor pack and how to use it, click here.

If you have questions about this video or are wondering if you would benefit, please reach out to me. Head to my YouTube channel and share this video with anyone you think may benefit from it. We are trying to help as many people as possible and spread the word about some of these really nice and natural things people can do for their bodies to increase the benefits of any intervention.

Interested in learning more about this topic or have questions? Feel free to reach out to us at 502-939-8564 or request a consultation here.

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For the 2nd time you use the you need to put more castor oil on the pack?

Terresa Joyner
Terresa Joyner
Nov 19, 2023
Replying to

I would think so because a lot of it should absorb in your skin. Unless you have put an enormous amount of the castor oil in your pack then no. Just my thought.


Would this help a shoulder with restricted rotation following a displaced fracture..thank


I’m a 68 year old male who recently lost a lot of weight. 80 lbs with 60 more to go. I walk/jog 3 times a week, lift weight 3 times a week and do a lot of stretching. Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of videos on my feed of the importance of castor oil packs. Now to my question. With a lot of scar tissue from donating a kidney on my left side with my remaining kidney not doing as well as we would like. Can I do a castor oil pack surrounding my entire lower torso. Thank-you.


Hello, I would like to know how many times a week should you use castor oil packs for? Thank you

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