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Holistic Pelvic Health
and Fertility Wellness

Empowering women to work with their bodies to heal naturally,
from the inside out

Pelvic floor physical therapy and fertility wellness in Louisville, Kentucky.


Infertility Concerns & Period Repair

Who want to try non-invasive interventions to support optimal fertility health and wellness.

Mercier Therapy

A "Shared Fertility Journey"


Pregnancy Preparation and Pain Management

Who want to better understand the changes that are taking place during pregnancy and learn strategies that will allow expectant moms to move better with less pain, so moms can focus on staying health and preparing for the baby's arrival!


Post-Partum Care

Who want to reclaim their health after childbirth (even if it has been 20 years), and who want to safely return to pain-free and leak-free physical activities, including work outs and intimacy. 


Bowel and Bladder Problems

Who want to stop having uncontrolled "leaking" accidents and regain control over bowel and bladder function, or want to overcome bladder pain, or want to achieve regular, more comfortable bowel movements and eliminate symptoms associated with chronic constipation.


Cesarean Section and Episiotomy Scar Treatment

 Including complications from pre- and post- surgery and want to reduce the negative effects of scarring in order to restore balanced movement and boost self confidence.


Orthopedic Pelvic Pain

Who may have gone through multiple physicians, received multiple diagnoses, and are just looking for some answers to their pain questions, management strategies for their symptoms, and are looking to get back to living the life they want to live, including taking care of their families and excelling at work or play.


Sexual Pain, Difficulty, and Dysfunction

And want to be intimate with their partner without increased fear or pain. Empower your pelvis!


About Inspire Physical Therapy

Inspire Physical Therapy in Louisville, Kentucky was founded so that women who are dealing with pelvic floor issues would have access to the quality of care that all of us would want our friends and family members to receive.  


Our mission with our physical therapy services is to be the first line of treatment for pelvic pain or dysfunction, providing safe and effective alternatives to surgery and medication.  


Our commitment is to helping our clients to become the guardian of their own health and wellness.  We want women to feel empowered and confident so they can take control of their pelvic health.  We listen to your goals and will tailor a plan of care that is specific to you.

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